My story

For the past twenty years, I’ve been creating professional, innovative products for clients all over Canada.

My drive for creative innovation started when I began making web sites and logos for local businesses; some of whom had never even heard of the Internet. Every client has unique requirements and varying experience in design and production.

A solid understanding of print and design possibilities combined with some out-of-the-box thinking can open up a world of marketing vehicles and communications tools.

I've created thousands of logos, brands, web sites and illustrations. My products have appeared on national television, billboards, magazines, newspapers and stadium and arena jumbotrons. I want to help you make your graphics memorable and effective!


Branding and logo design image

Branding and logo design

A first impression can sometimes be the only chance you get. An elegant brand-image can be the difference between winning and losing your next important client.

Let me help you turn your tired logo into a memorable, professional brand your clients will know and trust.

Illustration image


When stock photography, clipart and fonts just won’t do to make your product pop, it can take some creative illustration to make it unique and unforgettable.

Custom illustration has become the new way of making your product unique and memorable.

Make it great. Illustrate.

Graphic Design and page Layout image

Brand collateral

Your business materials don’t need to be plain black text on sickly-grey paper anymore. A bold, beautiful design adds a touch of class that can make even the driest report an enjoyable read.

Open your world to the vast array of printed and multimedia products and I’ll turn your drab, print products into rich, colourful must-haves.

Data visualization and infographics image

Data Visualization

If you need your endless rows and columns of numbers to become visually stunning, viral images it can take more than an Excel bar chart. Examining your data in every dimension and forming simple, concise imagery helps your audience absorb complex data.

I’ll find that “Ah-ha!” infographic that forms the missing link between your data and confused readers.

Trade show and promotional image

Event collateral

Sometimes you go to your clients, and sometimes they walk right up to you — at a trade show! Let them walk away remembering you and your organization with a powerful trade show presence and some high-quality promotional swag.

I can develop your next trade show display artwork and promotional items to leave that lasting impression in the mind of your future client.

Web design image

Web Design

A breathtaking web site can sell your product with barely a word of text. Clean, efficient, responsive user experiences result in more users, more views, and more return.

In today's modern world, you need to be as accessible from a smartphone as you are from a desktop computer.

Add some structure and clarity to your web site today!